Over the past season as we took a mandatory hiatus from the studio due to the pandemic, our focus shifted to bettering our resources and business from home. We are grateful to have a new website and projects in the works, and we are delighted to share them with all of you. 



Introducing our new line of sculptures, designed specifically for home, business, and other smaller spaces. Sleek, industrial forms complement both classic and modern architecture. Each piece is fabricated with the same consideration as our larger works yet are fully assembled and installation ready.  Available in a selection of different finishes, shapes, and sizes to fit any need.  
Contact info@talleyfisher.com for more information.
                      Introducing our new, modern website featuring
 behind-the-scenes extras, 
artist insights, and more.
November 2019 was punctuated by this fun install in Austin, TX at the new Baylor, Scott & White Hospital. The rich blue color looked stunning against wood ceiling of the atrium. We hope to return some day and enjoy more of the food and culture of Austin!
                                                      Harmony 2019

Working at a foundry in China on a 1:1 mockup of a sculpture for the Hong Kong transit system back in December. The foundry and art consultants have done an amazing job of fabricating the complicated design. After years of planning, it is scheduled to be installed in August.  

MTR Project: In Progress

In May my studio manager, Olivia, and I took a road trip to Tyler, TX to install this vibrant purple sculpture. The shape of each element was inspired by the hospital's logo and mission, which came together to form a flowing river overhead to guide patients and visitors through the space.
                                               Faith Flows 2020

Olivia joined our team as Studio Manager in August of 2019 after working as my assistant years prior. With a background in sculpture, she plays a role in almost every aspect of the business, from design and installation to logistics. She has been a huge help in keeping things moving after I took my position as Senior Research Artist with Penn State's Huck Institute of Life Sciences. Together, we are looking forward to a productive year!
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