Ripples float overhead, joining passengers on their journeys and celebrating the waterways of Pittsburgh.


ARTIST’S INSIGHT: Rivers are the lifeblood of cities, especially Pittsburgh, with its three iconic waterways. At the confluence where the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers form the Ohio River, Pittsburgh’s rich history in industry merges with the technology, healthcare, and educational institutions. The result is a vibrant city full of culture, diversity, and opportunity. Confluence is a celebration of these waterways, snaking overhead along the concourse, and mirroring the flow of travelers through the airport. This sculpture aims to harness the dynamic movement and beauty of Pittsburgh’s three rivers through an abstract lens, sparking curiosity and encouraging community dialogue.

This project is on loan as part of the Art in the Airport program and can be viewed through 2025.

CLIENT: Pittsburgh International Airport – Concourse D, Pittsburgh, PA
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable
DIMENSIONS: 50′ L x 16′ W x 6′ H