Constellation II suspended sculpture by Talley Fisher in a rotunda in Mount Nittany Medical Center.
Constellation II, hanging mobile art, hangs in a rotunda.
Silver curves come together to form Constellation II by Talley Fisher, inspired by hanging mobile art.


The sky shines with stars that calm the spirit and reveal a touch of wonder. The design of this art piece is inspired by a hanging mobile.


ARTIST’S INSIGHT: For the Shaner Cancer Pavillion, I wanted to introduce something visually enlightening, but also meaningful, into the healing environment. The art is reminiscent of a hanging mobile, where anodized aluminum elements give off the shine of stars. The goal was to bring the same natural wonder of night skies to this space, where very sick patients and worried loved ones pass through daily. The staff at the reception desk tells us that every day someone asks about Constellation II, and they themselves love looking at it and seeing something new each time.

CLIENT: Mount Nittany Medical Center, State College, PA
MATERIAL: Anodized Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bead Chain
DIMENSIONS: 12′ L x 12′ w x 18′ H