Talley Fisher's Desert Sunrise sculpture, public art piece in McCarran International Airport.
Clouds from Desert Sunrise, Talley Fisher's suspended sculpture in McCarran International Airport
Sun illuminating the clouds in Desert Sunrise, Talley Fisher's airport art sculpture in McCarran International Airport


Clouds illuminated by the early morning light drift over Terminal 3 in this fresh take on airport art.


ARTIST INSIGHT: This multi-level sculpture is based on water, the life-blood of the desert. In the artwork water appears in several forms: a magnificent cloud that catches the morning light; transparent veils of gently falling rain; a sparkling waterfall; a flowing river that courses across the lower space. “Waterfall”, stainless bead chain, cascades down the window wall into the floor below.

CLIENT: McCarran International Airport, Terminal 3, Las Vegas, NV
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable, Stainless Steel Bead Chain
DIMENSIONS: 75′ L x 45′ W x 35′ H