Mapping Our Way aims to greet visitors and celebrate the future of transportation in Hong Kong.
Four abstract rail lines come together to form Mapping Our Way.
Mapping Our Way is an example of the growing push for public art in transportation.
The composition of the sculpture shifts depending on where the viewer is standing.
A closeup of Mapping Our Way reveals the perforated material and individual map elements.



Suspended high above the heads of travelers, this monumental sculpture represents the junction of the four train lines of Admiralty Station, and the intersection of individuality and community.

ARTIST’S INSIGHT: Mapping Our Way is the title and theme of this sculpture, based on imagery from the MTR System Map. The four transit lines that service Admiralty Station converge in the atrium as a monumental sculpture. From each set of curved “tracks”, numerous “map elements” are suspended in colors corresponding to the lines on the system map. Set in forced perspective, the maps grow in size along the “track”, creating a sense of movement.

Moving up or down the escalator, looking at the intersections of the four transit lines, it becomes evident how the paths of individuals cross, adding a touch of humanity to the artwork. Moiré patterns create interesting movement and patterns as the perforated aluminum “map elements” overlap each other, much like the way people intersect with each other on their journeys through life..

This artwork not only refers to the actual transit lines and the need for transporting many people every day from their homes to their workplaces or recreational sites, but also reflects the “personal maps” that one carries within him/herself. Each of the “maps” is hung separately, respected, appreciated and observed by others. We are all individuals, with our own interests and perspectives, yet we are often going to the same places and encountering many others along the way.tional hospital art.

CLIENT: MTR Admiralty Station, Admiralty, Hong Kong
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Powder Coated Aluminum Pipe
DIMENSIONS: 30′ L x 30′ W x 30′ H

Photographs by MTR