A forest canopy leads into a brilliant cloud bank, celebrating the California landscape and bringing the healing power of nature indoors.

ARTIST’S INSIGHT: As an artist and Pennsylvania native, I often find comfort in the woods and natural beauty surrounding me. To celebrate the philosophy of John Muir and bring that same sense of calm to the space, one embarks on a nature walk upon entering the lobby. Familiar leaves line arched branches overhead, creating a warm, comforting space beneath a forest canopy. The canopy filters light onto the floor yet reaches toward the sky, guiding visitors through the space. Heading up to the second level, colorful clouds are suspended overhead, reminiscent of the beautiful sunrises seen from Mount Diablo and the nearby hills. As the perforated elements overlap, fascinating moir√© patterns are created, giving the illusion of movement to those passing by. Dynamic shadows, created through transparency, shift with the light to form an ever-changing environment.

CLIENT: UCSF – John Muir Health Cancer Center and Outpatient Specialty Center, Walnut Creek, CA
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Powder Coated Aluminum Tubing, Stainless Steel Cable
DIMENSIONS: 33′ L x 21′ W x 10′ H, 30′ L x 25′ W x 8′ H

Photographs by Steve Dolan