Talley Fisher's Nature's Symphony suspended atrium sculpture in Jefferson Health atrium.
Nature's Symphony suspended atrium sculpture as seen from the second floor.
Details of the perforated copper and blue petals.
Nature's Symphony suspended sculpture as seen from the lower level of the atrium.



The copper and aqua petals of this grand atrium sculpture dance gently downward for all to enjoy.

ARTIST’S INSIGHT: A large piece was needed to balance the grand architecture and immense space of this lobby so I designed three large clusters, suspended by grids, to meet the engineering requirements of the ceiling support structure. Patients and visitors have ample spaces to relax and enjoy the atrium sculpture from all levels, a unique take on the standard hospital layout.

CLIENT: Jefferson Health Hospital, Cherry Hill, NJ
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable
DIMENSIONS: 25′ L x 50′ W x 25′ H

Photographs by Andrea Brizzi