Ripples healthcare art suspended sculpture by Talley Fisher in a rotunda in US Naval Hospital, Guam
Niche with Talley Fisher's Ripples suspended sculpture, US Naval Hospital, Guam
Small blue and white waves in Ripples by Talley Fisher, US Naval Hospital, Guam



Water, and especially gentle waves, can soothe the spirit and carry one far away from the present.


ARTIST’S INSIGHT: Waves can create unheard sounds of movement of water and interest in their variations of color. In the Rotunda, viewers will find that the sculpture helps calm the waters they personally face in this medical setting.

CLIENT: United States Naval Hospital, Guam
MATERIAL: Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable
DIMENSIONS: 7′ L x 7′ W x 1.5′ H