Susquehanna Reverie suspended sculpture by Talley Fisher in the patient tower of UPMC Susquehanna
Susquehanna Reverie aerial sculpture by Talley Fisher in the patient tower of UPMC Susquehanna
Copper and silver elements from Susquehanna Reverie, aerial sculpture by Talley Fisher at UPMC Susquehanna


This aerial sculpture recalls the river in times past, as well as now, with birds flying over, waves shimmering on the surface, and flowing currents curving and cutting through the landscape.


ARTIST INSIGHT: Art is known to be a healing and restorative factor for patients, staff, and visitors, providing a calming influence, visual interest, more rapid healing, and often, hope. It also provides elegance and conveys a sense of high quality and caring to both the staff, patients, and visitors. This aerial sculpture, sweeping across and up to the second floor and seemingly through the windows, filled a large open void in the atrium, adding interest and volume without disrupting the lines and architecture of the space. Because our summer studio is on the Susquehanna River only a hour away from this project, Susquehanna Reverie had special meaning and was filled with imagery from my days swimming and floating down this wide river in the mountain valleys of central Pennsylvania.

CLIENT: UPMC Susquehanna Williamsport Hospital, Williamsport, PA
MATERIAL: Anodized Perforated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bead Chain
DIMENSIONS: 75′ L x 20′ W x 32′ H