Artist Talley Fisher with her suspended sculpture, See-Scape, Bellefonte Art Museum
Talley Fisher's See-Scape small suspended sculpture in Bellefonte Art Museum



Curved elements, reminiscent of birds in flight, trail down three floors through the staircase.


ARTIST INSIGHT: Originally, “Sea-Scape” was created by my father, the late Rob Fisher in 1988 for a stairwell at Park Cardiographics Headquarters in Taunton, MA. He designed and fabricated the sculpture elements, which I used to compose a new site-specific suspended sculpture for the stairwell in the Bellefonte Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA. The piece spans all three floors of the museum and can now be toured virtually through the BAM Facebook page.

CLIENT: Bellefonte Art Museum, Bellefonte, PA
MATERIAL: Painted Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bead Chain
DIMENSIONS: 4,5′ L x 1.5′ W x 20′ H